Manta More

Manta More Manta More

A sea of inspiration

Take a close look at the flower and you’ll see how the Manta More series got its name. The flower has the unmistakeable silhouette of a graceful Manta ray! Like these tropical animals and the way they glide through the world’s oceans, the Manta More orchids are as large, voluminous, and powerful as they are graceful and elegant.

The Next Generation Orchid

The Manta More’s larger lip gives the orchid a striking appearance. It’s more vigorous, more open, and flatter – the definition of confident and cool. This Next Generation Orchid therefore embodies a new phase of evolution in cultivation. Manta More gets the look and attention it deserves thanks to its new packaging. A stand-out product on the market, this series was developed in close collaboration with Levoplant and Ter Laak. As such, the Manta More orchid is exclusively available to a select number of exporters and end customers.

Manta More: More Power, More Open, More Flower, More Charisma, More Orchid!