Real Love

Real Love Real Love

Real love

He makes you happy… He has your affection… And you hope you will never be separated. That’s true love. Or, at Stolk Flora, Real Love. Real Love is the name of a unique concept, a concept to fall in love with: an arrangement of two Phalaenopsis orchids in a decorative duo-pot. Beautiful to have, and even more beautiful to give to the one you love. Stolk Flora provides the Real Love in an exclusive wrapper with Real Love label.

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Exclusivity in a pot

The duo-pot was specially designed for Stolk Flora, with an extra-large pot size of 12 cm to hold a large Phalaenopsis and a smaller matching plant. Together they produce more than 30 beautiful flowers. The duo-pot is available in vanilla and beige-taupe to harmonize with any colour from our Phalaenopsis range.

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