Arc Arc


The Arc de Triomphe is a symbol of France’s national pride. It evokes the sound of the Imperial Guard’s approaching horses and the triumphs from French history. Traditionally, the arch has been a symbol of triumph and victory. The combination of an arch with flowers – in radiant colours – adds to this floral piece’s glorious look. If you’re celebrating an achievement, triumph, or milestone, then you’ll need to find the perfect gift. And just for such an occasion, we present to you: Arc

Triumphant flower arch

A classic arch with a cool, contemporary look. That is the power of Arc, a concept by Stolk Flora. Each plant is 45 to 55 cm in height. At the top, at least fourteen gorgeous flowers form a colourful floral arch. You can combine Arc with our beautiful Mirthe pots for an eye-catching look in any home!


The orchids used for the Arc concept are carefully selected at an early stage in their growth. Each plant that we select features two branches that are carefully bent – by hand – to form an arch. This way of working means that Stolk Flora can guarantee a high-quality end product.