Certification marks

Cultivation according to the MPS Florimark Production guidelines

Stolk Flora wants to be a sustainable company. This is why we follow the requirements of various MPS certification marks. MPS stands for ‘More Profitable Sustainability’. In 2006 we were awarded the highest possible MPS certificate: MPS Florimark Production. This certificate sets out sustainability guidelines for growers in various areas, from fertilizer to plant protection products and from energy to waste.

The MPS Florimark Production certificate is not awarded to just any company: to earn it, we first had to achieve the MPS A+, MPS GAP, MPS Quality, and MPS Socially Qualified certification marks. Consumers can also see that we are assuming our responsibility. Follow your flower or plant enables consumers to check Stolk Flora’s certifications.

MPS-ProductProof: Our license to produce

We have been involved with MPS-ProductProof from its conception. MPS conducts independent analyses of leaf samples to ensure that our orchids are really ‘natural’. It is proof that we grow our orchids with only organic, natural, bee friendly products.


We take care of our natural resources, which is demonstrated by our MPS-ABC certification mark, a measure of how environmentally friendly Stolk Flora is. MPS monitors the nutrients, energy, and water we use and how we process our waste. In comparison with other growers, Stolk Flora has been awarded the highest possible status for environmentally friendliness: MPS A+.


We try to follow nature as closely as possible in the cultivation of our orchids. With our MPS-GAP certification, Stolk Flora has gone a step further than the internationally recognized GLOBAL GAP certificate. MPS-GAP places high requirements on such aspects as safety, sustainable cultivation, quality, and traceability. This certificate requires us to carefully monitor which fertilizers and other products we use for our ‘natural orchids’.


We’re shocked there’s even a quality mark for ‘taking good care of people’, because it’s one of Stolk Flora’s fundamental principles. To show that we really do care about people, we’re eager to comply with all requirements laid down in the GRASP: the Global GAP Risk Assessment on Social Practice. This is the international standard in the field of socially responsible business practices, which include aspects such as welfare, remuneration level, and health and safety. GRASP is an addition to the MPS GAP certificate.

MPS Socially Qualified

Our MPS Socially Qualified mark demonstrates that we meet national and international requirements in the field of safety, health, and working conditions. We comply fully with the collective bargaining agreement of the Dutch greenhouse sector, we only work with certified temporary employment agencies, and we guarantee equal opportunities for all employees. We at Stolk Flora look after our employees.

The Green Community

Stolk Flora is a proud partner of The Green Community, a network of breeders, growers, and retail that strives for a better world by bringing people closer to nature. The Community aims to create a real social impact by ensuring transparency and conducting business that has a social relevance.

In real terms, this impact means:
• Chemical-free
• Plastic-free (home compostable or 100% closed loop)
• Respect for growers and their passion for the trade